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Advisory Alliance & Partners (AA&P) is a boutique financial advisory firm recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC). Specializing in investment banking and corporate finance, we provide expert and strategic financial advice to our alliance clients as well as detailed guidance with their business development plans. Our highly individualized service includes the implementation of agreed strategies and we are able to fully support clients in key investment areas such as fund raising, initial public offerings (IPO), securities offering, business valuation, mergers and acquisition, capital restructuring and so on.

A dynamic enterprise with a team of experienced and accomplished advisors, we pride ourselves on maintaining strong relationships with clients in our alliance network for long-term cooperation and success. As a highly professional independent company, our allegiance is to our partners only, and this enables us to help them without ambiguity or bias.

AA&P (formerly named Triple A Plus Advisory Company Limited) was established in 2011. It now has a registered capital of 13 million THB. Along the way, we have continued to evolve, advance, and expand our firm under the strong leadership of an expert financial advisor team. Led by Mr. Pornbhuda Rijiravanich, our Managing Director & Partner, he drives the business expansion strategy, fuels AA&P’s dedication to the success of the team, and guides the company in its ambition to be a global financial service provider.

Success stories

Raising funds through the issuance of convertible bond of 208 million THB

TWZ Corporation Plc.

The Second Case in Thailand

Raising funds through the issuance of convertible bond attached with warrant

Chewa Thai Plc.

The Fifth Case in Thailand

IFA for liquidating the company's investment securities by bidding process

Akkhie Prakarn Plc.

Raising funds through the issuance of convertible bond of 120 million THB

Villa Kunalai Plc.

The First Case in Thailand

Raising funds through the issuance of convertible bond attached with warrant

LEO GlobalLogistic Plc.

The Fourth Case in Thailand

Raising funds through convertible bond attached with warrant

Chai Watana Tannery Plc.

The Fifth Case in Thailand

Raising funds through the issuance of convertible bond attached with warrant

Asset Wise Plc.

The Third Case in Thailand


A prestigious, dynamic Legal Service Provider, specializing in a variety of legal disciplines, especially in Capital Market.
An independent public agency with the duty to supervise and develop the Thai capital market to ensure efficiency, fairness, transparency, and integrity.
A one-stop center for trading of securities, offering a full range of products, services, and trading infrastructure for investors, listed companies, and other participants.
AIESEC is the largest global platform for young adults to explore and develop their leadership potential, pushing the world forward with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Thailand Carbon Neutral Network (TCNN) was founded to promote the collaborative actions of government, private sector, and local/ community sector to leverage carbon neutral policy.


  • To be the first call-to-mind professional investment banking firm and capital market service provider in Thailand


  • To enhance the wealth of clients by providing a strategic road map and long-term partnership
  • To deliver service beyond expectations and always in the best interests of our clients
  • To create an integration among stakeholders with a common goal and be genuine in all communications with the objective of building trust

Promises to our Alliance

Set clear goals
for the partnership
We will always begin with the end in mind. All set goals will be quantifiable, they can be tracked and measured. Full agreement and understanding is crucial.
Identify clear roles
and responsibilities
This is especially important when cooperating with multiple groups. Trust comes from knowing intentions and having clear expectations.
Reduce problems by
prioritizing key
Unanimous (or near unanimous) agreement on the priority expected outcomes is more effective than tackling a long list of goals during a collaboration.
Choose the right
people for the job
We strive to connect the right partners with the proper expertise and core competencies. Understanding the relationship of your task with the mission of the partner is critical for a long-term synergetic relationship.
Invest time, money,
or abilities to show
We will ensure everyone is providing evident value to a collaboration. We understand that each entity within a working relationship will bring different assets and resources to the table and we will find ways to balance those contributions so that everyone is contributing and benefiting justly.
Flexibility Realism,
and Transparency
Trust is built on a foundation of transparency. We understand that the outcome of a partnership might not always be what we want, but we strive to always maintain an atmosphere of dynamic flexibility while being open in our motives and actions A successful partnership will prosper under the umbrella of full disclosure and adaptability.

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  • Board of Directors
  • Business Development
  • CEO Office
  • Financial Advisory
  • Innovative Products
  • Investor Relations

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