The First Comprehensive Hemp Advisory in Thailand

The First Comprehensive Hemp Advisory in Thailand
16 March 2022

AA&P steps up advisory service to become the first comprehensive Advisor of HEMP in Thailand. We provide investment services for both listed and non-listed companies and become an expert in law, license and business opportunity related to HEMP. We facilitate overseas and local investment in HEMP industry with superior advises including business valuation, trading advice, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures. We aim to assist both Thai and oversea investors and promote Thailand to become a HEMP hub in Asia. For companies either listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand or unlisted companies, we are able to act as the key financial advisor in HEMP-related business decisions. We specialize in assisting with the purchase of businesses, the sale of shares to either domestic or international companies with complementary operational expertise, and seeking potential investors to enhance value between existing share holders and new business partners.

This year, AA&P continues to expand our strategic partnership in HEMP, stimulating economic and industrial growth, and ultimately leading to the stability of HEMP entrepreneurs in Thailand for regional exposure.


The First Comprehensive Hemp Advisory in Thailand
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