Tech-Life Balance in the Digital Era

Tech-Life Balance in the Digital Era
30 May 2022

In the present, many people are increasingly interested and care about their health. The Trend of eating a healthy diet and exercising grows continuously. Not only physical health, but people also tend to understand and pay attention to mental health. Concept of good mental health such as work-life balance is well known as well. These health-related conditions are small pieces in the big picture of well-being. ​​There is no consensus around a single definition of well-being, but there is general agreement that at minimum, well-being includes the presence of positive emotions and moods, the absence of negative emotions, satisfaction with life, fulfillment and positive functioning (Frey BS, Stutzer, 2002) Honestly, well-being has many aspects, such as Physical well-being, Economic well-being, and Social well-being, so to reach each well-being aspect may requires different practices and processes.

This is the digital era. People always carry smartphones and laptops as well as spend much time on social media or metaverse. Moreover, many products and services are based on digital platforms. Therefore, It cannot be denied that people do need technology. Technology definitely makes life easier, but who knows when it is beyond the limit or even what is the limit of using technology. In fact, rather than its limit, let us find the balance between technology and life. Similar to other aspects of well-being, there is also ‘Digital well-being’. In simple terms, Digital well-being is the use of technology that does not negatively affect functioning in real life. It can be related to screen time, engagement on online platforms, and the emotions when using technology. According to Google Digital Wellbeing, there are many tips to achieve it. The examples were stated below.

Create boundaries for yourself

Setting limits for certain apps and sites can keep you from scrolling the day away. Check the time you spend on the screen or the apps you use.

Make some simple adjustments to your screen

Organize your screen so you can reach the apps you would like to use easier and go grayscale which turns your screen black and white, making your apps less engaging when you’re trying to focus.

Manage your apps and notifications to reduce distractions

Pausing apps and customizing when and how you get notifications can help keep your attention on your tasks.

In a nutshell, Digital well-being is important and can be achieved by yourself.Enjoy technology and please have digital well-being!

love & care,

The one who creates digital products

Varisara Sungprasit
UX/UI Designer