Securities Offerings

We provide equity financing advice by offering and issuing various types of securities including equity, fixed-income, and hybrid securities. We can lead your company with the public offering process of equity fund raising through initial public offerings (IPO), public offerings (PO), private placement (PP), rights offerings (RO), and employee stock ownership plans (ESOP). As we work on behalf of our clients as their financial advisor, we will focus on determining whether or not the proposed transaction could face any conflicts. We will assess the strict compliance of the proposal with related laws and regulations. We preserve client confidentiality throughout the securities offerings processes.

Tender Offers

We support clients through the process of a securities takeover. This might come in the form of a mandatory tender offer (MTO) for all securities of the business wherein acquisition will see the complete takeover of a company in respect of all duties. We assist with voluntary tender offers (VTO), partial tender offers (PTO), or the delisting of shares from listed securities. Whatever the situation, we can demystify the process for your company.