As a recently graduated design student, Wipada has commissioned several freelance jobs during her time spent at Mahidol University International College. Every piece of work that she has been through has taught and developed my skills since she believes the “lesson never ends in class”.  She finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) major in communication design with a minor in Japanese Language, but never stops learning and keeps developing herself again and again. 

Wipada is an enthusiastic design solution creator with an eye for detail, well-organized, a very fast learner, and cooperative with teammates. She has a broad skill set in the area of visual design, packaging design, illustration, UX/UI, and also logo design. Not only design skills, but also has other outside class skills that she studies by herself as well such as using Blender for 3D Modeling, animation in After Effect, video editing and photography skill. Three years that she has been doing freelance along with her studies have given her lots of experience especially in the field of Branding and CI design for varieties of SME. 

Because of that, joining AA&P that is new generation firm allow she and her team can work freely and creatively with the different perspective and open minded. She purposefully could bring her skill and knowledge to help design the brand corporate identity, strategist and various kinds of graphics for the company.