Wanatsanan holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business Management, Faculty of Business Administration, Eastern Asia University. During her university year, Wanatsanan developed leadership skills throughout her position as a subcommittee in sports in the Student Union. Additionally, she had competed in Startup Thailand event and national level events in which she had participated and earned a reward.

Wanatsanan enjoys pioneering innovation and thinking outside the box. As she is interested and is looking for an opportunity to learn more about business, start-ups, and investment, she had earned a chance to study various perspectives on business. With a foundation in conducting business, she has a wide range of perspectives and a deep understanding of conducting business in both management and response to cultural diversity and conducting an effective strategy in problem-solving and business development.

Being a part of AA&P is a honor and a challenge. AA&P had enhanced many financial instruments and played an important part in the capital market and society. It is worthwhile becoming a part of the team. It means a lot and Wanatsanan is ready to make herself become a better person.