Not only does AA&P play a prominent role in the financial advisory business, but also innovating a fresh product for people who have been currently encountering unfortunate or unfamiliar experiences in the Finance industry has been Phatcharanan’s main task all along. With a Human-Centered Design (HCD) mindset and skillset, she can constantly find solutions based on individual life.

She is a new generation with a Bachelor of Arts from Chulalongkorn University. Despite not acquiring a fancy Arts degree, she became a UX with her ability, endured experience, passion and especially willpower. With the factors mentioned, she knows how to fabricate innovations in several forms of products through various Design Thinking processes.

Besides her aspirations to make friendly-experienced products, Networking and Decorating both internal and external organizations is also the heart of her PMO & graphic design expertise. She is well-versed in (re)designing and boosting corporate exposures of each organization to build up credentials and potential among AA&P partnerships, stakeholders, and so on.