Over 10 years of experience in Human Resource and Recruitment Industry, Patcharawan graduated with a Master of Art in Human Resource Development. In addition, she has completed a training course from the SEAC Institute to practice 8 skills that personnel “Must Have” in order to keep pace with the world of future and self-improvement to be more efficient work. She continued practicing in recruitment to be more effective, leading to the creation of talent in the organization.

She realized that to manage people who are different in each aspect is one of the challenges. She had to find a way to make everyone in the organization work well together, reduce conflict, and aim in the same direction. Nowadays, people management has changed a lot. It has entered to the era of Talent Management, managing people with maximum efficiency, creating a Care Plan and continuing to operate to achieve a measurable process.

AA&P is a new generation company where can work independently and open to different ideas and perspectives. Based on her past knowledges and experiences, Working with AA&P is a big challenge that requires her to develop herself to cope with different types of tasks and various circumstances. It is important to develop and link AA&P personnel management to be effective in line with corporate strategies that will lead to business goals and truly achieve the company’s missions.