Lunlalit graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Bachelor of Business Administration Program, Department of Banking and Finance, Chulalongkorn University. From various knowledge and experiences in business administration, finance, including investment, which she has been studied, learned and developed herself over the past period. She believes that the source of funds and financial planning are very important for business. Furthermore, good financial statement can also make people have confidence in the business as well. She learned and understood about financial instruments, corporate investment, and regulation to adapt and make the options for clients.

Lunlalit brings knowledge and experiences to work on documents in accordance with SEC and SET regulations, Due Diligence, M&A Deals and Financial Valuation and cooperate with various stakeholders including lawyers, regulators, financial advisors, and clients. Being the one of AA&P team is challenge and valuable, she would like to develop herself both hard and soft skills, develop partners and create success for AA&P.