Amarat completed my bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication from Thammasat University, majoring in advertising. She have been in the design field since she studied at the university.

Before becoming a UX/UI Designer, Amarat or Fong worked as a Graphic Designer and Creative Art Director for digital agencies in Bangkok where she experienced and learned about ‘UX/UI Design’. As an explorer and self-learner, In her free time, she really enjoy surfing UX/UI study cases, practicing design tools, and exploring inspired design ideas.

Fong have worked on various projects that have allowed me to explore more about UX/UI and put what I’ve learned into use in a practical sense. Last few years, she have been part of designing for cosmetic, supplement, banking companies, and the government. It was fascinating to see the portfolio grow.
Being part of the Futurist team at AA&P as a UX/UI Designer is a challenge. She pride herself on being detail-oriented, analytical, and user-centered. She believe her team’s qualities would be able to build a finnovative digital product that could change the future of investing industries!