Learn and Start over a new journey at FYNNCORP

Learn and Start over a new journey at FYNNCORP
02 August 2022

Learn and Start over a new journey at FynnCorp. Changing from Beauty Blogger in beauty and fashion industry to Investment Banking (or IB) might not be an easy step for me. Getting a job without any previous experience can be difficult, but here at FynnCorp, it’s open and ready to provide opportunities for anyone looking to find new career opportunities. Let us start over and study. Learn new things along the way at FynnCorp.

For me, work is difficult and challenging. It is a challenge that has made me learn and open up new perspectives. Trying new things and opening up to new things in my life every day is what makes me learn, change and develop myself until it may lead to the result that will change me to be a better person than before. This is one of the reasons why I dared to change my former line of work to investment banking.

FynnCorp is surrounded by people with a great attitudes. Ready to help and develop the team at the same time. The work is diverse and challenging. It gives me the opportunity to explore my abilities, and passions and let my talents shine through. In addition, the organization has always encouraged me to develop myself. It helps me to become more proficient in my work and allows me to learn to work effectively.

For anyone who is interested in the IB line and looking for a challenge or wanting to improve yourself, FynnCorp is your best choice. A good place to start will allow us to try and learn new things along the way.

Aonpriya Thongoumyai
PR & Marketing Officer