A World of Investment through Equity Analyst’s Lens

A World of Investment through Equity Analyst’s Lens
30 May 2022

A world of investment with a long history that has accompanied economic growth. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange has made investing in common stocks accessible to the general public and a means of raising funds for companies to develop and increase profits for more than 400 years. As a result, new financial and investment products continue to emerge, making the world of investment more complex and confusing for the general public.

Especially, Thailand has no financial planning or investment course in basic subjects, making investments more difficult to understand. Plus, a lack of understanding of the world of finance investing creates fear of investing and losing the opportunity to accumulate wealth. Therefore, developing an understanding of investment is critical for people who want to build wealth for themselves. It doesn’t only assist investors in making effective investments but helps increase the potential for business fundraising and aids the country’s economic growth. FynnCorp’s current goal is to develop investment innovations that will assist and support domestic investors in maximizing their investment potential. Regardless of your background, if you believe you are qualified and share our mutual objective, come along with us as we develop the investment world.

Kamin Jatejarungwong
Equity Analyst and Compliance