A Business Strategy from The S-T-A-N-D point at FYNNCORP

A Business Strategy from The S-T-A-N-D point at FYNNCORP
30 July 2021


  • The business strategy from the S-T-A-N-D point of FynnCorp revolves around people-and-firm relation and their mutual impact.
  • We work with the best people, and we let our work quality speak for itself.

Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then STAND firm

– Teerayut T.

Leading a business is more than boosting the company growth and closing as many deals as possible. It takes a much broader skillset covering both internal and external development. While the goal to delivery excellent services beyond expectation is promised, the mastery training must be guaranteed to build people capability beyond limitation. At FynnCorp, the strategy of “S-T-A-N-D” can be applied for both inward and outward approaches alike.

“S ” stands for Service Recognition

To give real service, something which cannot be bought or measured with money must be added. Apart from providing the highest level of service with professional standard, FynnCorp also commit to build the strongest relationships with partners. It’s important to know the clients’ need, seek for the solution to their problems and go extra miles for them. Partnership is not built in one day commitment but with consistency, reliability and quality. As you strive to be the most qualified advisor, your services must be remarkably distinctive and always recognized in the clients’ mind. Be helpful and sincere because that will take you a long way.

“ T ” Stands for Top Talent

Talented people make the best team. To build the company culture, you will need matching, yet outstanding individuals. Therefore, take time in hiring and screening process until you find the “gems”. It’s important that people can get work done together with efficiency and share certain values. With gems in hand, be sure to cut, slice and polish them well. Build them on trust, encourage leadership and distribute ownership and that will make the gems shine.

“ A ” stands for Advisory Master

Focus on doing the work only you can do. Smart leaders or advisors do not dwell on their weakness but strongpoint and self-development. At FynnCorp, we value mastery and discipline of each person. To be a master, people must be well-equipped with the right tools, sharpen their technical mastery and trained to be most effective in their role on a day-to-day basis. As a result, all the services are promised to be delivered by the expert in each specific field.

“ N ” stands for Network Expansion

“Your network is your Net Worth.” Having a robust network can positively impact the business directly and indirectly. To build good reputation network, you’d better start connecting this web of relations with goodwill and straightforward vision. Plus, the people you know are the gateway to success, insights and more great people. The more you connect, the more network expand and the more or endless opportunity to come.

“ D ” stands for Deliverables for Success

A full, heartfelt commitment is the key for success. For both team leader and member, no one should comply to rules or same old routines to get to a desired end point. Instead, they must challenge their ways of working frequently and find the better, faster, smarter formular to accomplishment. This way, they can support, assist and deliver for achievement of both clients and the firm as a whole.


Teerayut Thaiturapaisan
Corporate Strategy & Partner