FYNNCORP Reveals that the Company Raised More Than 455-million-baht

FYNNCORP Reveals that the Company Raised More Than 455-million-baht
24 August 2022

FynnCorp Advisory Company Limited (FynnCorp), a new generation financial advisory firm specializing in the issuance and offering of “Convertible Bonds” (CB) with an aim to raise up to 30 billion baht of funding through convertible bonds in the country within 3 years to offer an alternative options to raise funds for partner companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and increase access to investment in new financial instruments for Thai investors, focusing on driving the Thai economy to grow through stimulating investment in the Thai capital market.

Mr. Teerayut Thaiturapaisan, President of Investment Banking and Capital Market Division of FynnCorp Advisory Company Limited revealed that in Q3 2022, FynnCorp was able to raise funds through issuance and offering of “Convertible Bonds” for Leo Global Logistics Public Company Limited (LEO) and Chaiwatthana Tannery Group Public Company Limited (CWT) with a total value of more than 455 million baht. These are successes that FynnCorp has continuously achieved for partner companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand to strengthen financial capability by creating innovative financing options to listed companies that has potential based on the business sector and timing for the opportunity.

The achievement for LEO and CWT exemplifies FynnCorp’s success as a financial advisor for issuance and offering of convertible bonds with great feedback from investors. The number of convertible bond subscriptions exceeded the amount issued and offered for sale. This indicates the confidence that investors have in the fundamentals and potential of the FynnCorp as financial partner. Investors are confident that these companies will use the proceeds from the fundraising to further expand their businesses and generate returns for their shareholders. In the past, FynnCorp has successfully raised over 330 million baht value of convertible bonds to strategic partners, together with the success in Q3 2022, the total value of convertible bonds raised by the vision of FynnCorp reached 800 million baht, in line with FynnCorp’s target to create total market value of convertible bonds of more than 2,500 million baht by 2022.

Mr. Teerayut added that there are a number of listed companies as FynnCorp’s partners who are preparing to issue and offer convertible bonds in Q4 2022 and early 2023. In the near term, Assetwise Public Company Limited (ASW), another FynnCorp’s partner, will be offering investors to subscribe for convertible bonds from September 26 to October 3, 2022, with total offering value of not exceeding 320 million baht. FynnCorp continues to strive to expand its customer base through the offering of financial instruments such as convertible bonds for companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand to provide more funding options as well as increasing opportunities for Thai investors to understand and access investments in new financial instruments that will generate more returns than interest on deposits through a new service platform “Investors-Insight”, which aims to solve communication issues between investors and FynnCorp’s partners which are listed companies. The platform currently has more than 15,000 active users with the aim to increase the number of users on the platform to more than 100,000 users.

FynnCorp has a big purpose to contribute to the sustainable growth of the Thai economy through a wide range of financial services, ranging from services for Investment Banking and Capital Markets to stimulate the flow of money in the Thai capital market to services for Investor Relations to help connect the communication between investors and listed companies. When Thai investors have a better understanding of more complex financial instruments, they can mitigate risks and improve the quality of their future investment.

Together for driving Thailand GDP. Together for success!

Aonpriya Thongoumyai
PR & Marketing Officer